Health – Fat Is Not All Unhealthy

It is important for you to remember that not all fat is unhealthy. There are many types of fat that are healthy and they will make you a much better and healthier person in the end. Make sure you are focused on this type of thing and you’ll have a much better perspective on the world as a result. In the following article, we are going to help to teach you what types of fat is healthy and what kinds are not healthy so that you can have a much better and more relaxed time. This is going to be highly important for you in the long run.

Fat and Healthdiet-tips-for-weight-loss3

If you are getting rid of all of the fats in your diet, there are going to be some significant problems. You have to make sure you are focused on getting the right kinds of fat so that you can maintain the edge. The food you need to get is like salmon and eggs, which are high in the omega 3 fatty acids. These fats will give you a huge boost and allow you to make the difference in your own thinking and learning. There are few things that are as powerful as getting that healthy food right where you want it.


At the end of the day, it is important for you to focus on getting healthy food. You will notice that you are able to avoid the mind numbing foods, like saturated and fried foods, while you can increase the level of healthier foods. Doing this will make a huge difference in your life and allow you to focus on some of the things that are best for your own conditions. Make sure you are focused on getting over this type of thing and you’ll have a much better time.

Erectile Dysfunction – Mentality is Important When Fighting Impotence

Anyone who is fighting impotence knows how important it is to have a good mindset throughout. If you are fighting against this colossal problem, there are a number of things you will have to do with your own brain in order to successfully get over this problem. Make sure that you are focused on the right types of things if you want to have a good time with the rest of your life. There is only one way to get out of the problem that you are in and that is to have the right kind of mindset throughout. In the following article, we will teach you how to have a good mindset and allow you to realize that you are in control of your own destiny.

Staying Strong Through Impotence

It is easy to go weak when you are diagnosed with impotence or you realize that you have the problem. When you are facing this kind of problem, there is no telling what kind of mental things are going through your brain. You feel a lack of confidence, you feel that you are not adequate enough, and you feel a number of other things as well. These are all silly feelings that are the sign of a man who is broken and weak. More importantly, if you are trying to get over your impotence, this is not at all the way to do it. In fact, this is the opposite of the way that you need to go if you are going to try to take care of this issue. You need to have a positive mindset so that you can get over this prUnhappy-older-coupleoblem and forget about worrying. If you have a positive mindset, there is no way that you can go wrong.

There is always hope for the future even when you think that there is none. You may not think that there are always things you can do in order to get through the impotence problem, but you would have a huge advantage with a positive attitude. There are literally things that you could not do if you did not maintain the kind of attitude that was necessary in order to be successful.

Never settle for less when it comes to the impotence problem. If you think that you can get a better deal from your medication or the practices you are following, the likelihood is that you can.

Positive Thoughts Equate to Success

A lot of times, visualizing your success is done through positive thoughts and emotions. It is literally impossible to have a great time if you are thinking about negative things. It is also less likely for you to heal if you are having a bad time. Therefore, it is a great idea to think positively and focus on all the possibilities instead of worrying about whether or not the impotence problem is going to rule your life.

These are all things that you cannot control and it does no good to even think about them. When you waste your time thinking about these types of things, you end up finding out that you are a lot more of a problem for yourself than you think. Even if it is not your fault that the problem is occurring, there is a good reason for you to be fearful that you will not be able to make the changes in your own life. Don’t be a sucker for negative thinking, but instead focus on the things that matter the most to you and then you will assuredly be successful in the long run.

Sexual Wellbeing – When You Need Emergency Contraception?

The overall health of men and women is deeply tied to sexual wellbeing. However, there are many types of problems that can arise when having sex. While many of them are benign and easy to correct, there are others that require some emergency protection. For example, in some cases contraception does not work properly. For these times there are emergency contraception options that are available to women who need them. These should be used only in circumstances where there is a real need for this emergency service. Below is a brief introduction to some of the more popular types of emergency contraception and a few guidelines to protect yourself.

Plan B Emergency Contraception

One of the most famous and popular forms of emergency contraception is known as the plan B or “morning after” pill. This emergency contraceptive allows women who have had a contraceptive malfunction to take the pill in order to stop ovulation and prevent sperm from fertilizing the eggs. This is very useful for men and women who want to avoid children and have had a malfunction with either birth control or a condom. Furthermore, this type of contraceptive is also useful for unfortunate rape and assault victims that do not want to have the baby that their attacks produced.


Even though emergency contraceptives have a good chance of helping couples that do not want to have a baby, there are still precautions that should be taken. First of all, the plan B emergency contraception has a 95% effective rate of prevention if it is taken within 24 hours of sexual intercourse. However, after 24 hours there is only a 85% effective rate. Furthermore, when taking the pill after two days there is only a 58% effective rate. Therefore, even if the pill is taken within the first day, there is no guarantee that it will work. If the pill is not taken within two days there is a much higher chance that the pill will not work.

Sexual Wellbeing and Contraception

Sexual activity is an important part of any couple’s relationship. It is a health way to express oneself and show partners that you love and care for them. That being said, it is also very important that you plan for the future and come prepared when you have sexual intercourse. Make sure that you have ample sexual protection and contraceptives, but be aware that there is a possibility that it will not prevent fertilization.

That is where emergency fertilization becomes a huge factor. For those times when the contraception doesn’t work, taking the plan B pill or some other emergency contraceptive will allow you to hopefully rest easy knowing that there will not be a baby produced from your actions. Sometimes it is nerve-wracking to think that a human life can be produced from your sexual actions, however it is important to realize that sexual wellbeing is an essential part of every person’s overall health. Using the latest technologies will allow you to maintain sexually healthy throughout your life.

Discovering you have Erectile Dysfunction

Young couple in the couch having conflict problemIt’s a tendency that most of us have. To ignore or delay looking at anything which is likely to be bad news, unpleasant or worrying. Yes, of course, some people are hypochondriacs and think constantly that they have symptoms indicating morbid illnesses, but most of the rest of us will try to explain away symptoms by thinking they are temporary, ephemeral and will “sort themselves out”.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical term that means that a man cannot regularly achieve an erection of his penis when in sexual activity situations. Or, if he can achieve an erection, it cannot be sustained during sex, and is “lost” leading to the failure to achieve satisfaction, be it penetration, orgasm, or similar.

If you have experienced ED-type symptoms, it may not mean you have ED, but it is worth exploring what is going on, by yourself, with your partner, and ultimately with a clinician. I have a friend who having had a great and trouble-free sex life was quite worried when he was unable to achieve an erection one evening with his partner (whom he loves and desires very much). At my suggestion he began to keep a diary of his sexual activities with his partner and used these as empirical evidence to self-analyse, discuss matters with his partner and also to present to his GP (General Practitioner).

Most men will have occasional times when they cannot “perform” in the bedroom. This may be a one-off due to any one of a number of temporary factors, which are unlikely to be repeated the next time they have sex. However if the problem appears to be rearing its ugly head more and more often it is possible that you are developing or have developed ED.

The questions you and you partner need to explore, before approaching a clinician are:

-      Do you still have a desire to have physical relations with your partner? If not then the problem is not a physical one that can be solved with ED treatments.

-      Are you going through a period of stress or worry that may be affecting you?

-      Are you drinking too much alcohol, are you overweight, unfit and do you smoke? These can all be factors contributing to what might be ED. It is far better that you address these issues yourself rather than going straight to an ED treatment.

However ED affects many millions of men world-wide, particularly older men, regardless of weight, smoking, fitness and other medications or recreational substances such as alcohol. Once you have built up a diary/portfolio of what has been happening over a reasonable period of time (say a month) then it is worth booking an appointment to see your GP and discussing your potential discovery that you have ED.

The good news is that in 80% of cases a simple oral ED pill such as Cialis, Levitra, Spedra or Viagra taken an hour or so before sexual activity can sort out the problem, and usually with no or only minor side effects.

So don’t turn your back and ignore what might be ED. Address it and if you are diagnosed with ED by your doctor, in most cases it is easily treated and you can get your sex-life back on track!

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction for Over 50 Year Olds

Men who are over the age of 50 are particularly susceptible to getting erectile dysfunction and many of them have heard nothing about it before. These men are in need of guidance and we would like to provide them with that help today. Some of the older men who have erectile dysfunction problems start to think that they should just give up or quit their active sexual lifestyle, but we are here to vehemently oppose that mentality. It may not be easy to get the problem solved in the long run, but there are always solutions. We will try to provide a full overview of the condition and any solutions we may have for the problem.

Age 50 and Erectile Dysfunction


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The chances of having erectile dysfunction increase dramatically after the age of 50. Men who have passed this threshold find that they are incapable of having an erection for a number of reasons, but age is certainly a factor. The heart is starting to weaken at that age in the men who have not taken good care of their body. The heart is unable to pump the blood to the penis in the necessary quantities to create an erection, which is problematic.

Over the age of 50, men have also had to deal with a lifetime of bad habits. Eating the wrong types of food can allow cholesterol and plaque to build up in the arteries and blood vessels of the males, which makes it harder to have sexual intercourse. Many of these men just admit that the “golden years” are behind them and then they try to do something else with their life. This is a terrible attitude because there are so many things that a doctor can do to help men get back into the sexual lifestyle.

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

Men who are over the age of 50 do not even realize that they have the condition called erectile dysfunction. The inability to get an erection is simply seen as a sign of old age, but this is very far from the truth. Even though old age can play a part in the erectile dysfunction, there are still other things at work. Thankfully, there are other aspects that can be solved.

When you visit a doctor you will quickly realize just how silly your notions about erectile dysfunction and sex over the age of 50 really are. There is no indication whatsoever that it will be difficult to solve your erectile dysfunction problem. In fact, you can probably get a prescription pill from the doctor and that will be able to solve your problems right then and there.

Also, even at the age of 50 there is the possibility to reform your diet and totally overhaul the way that you lead your life. This is a huge benefit because it will also extend the life of your body overall. It isn’t just your erections that you have to worry about at the age of 50. You also have to be careful that you are not having other issues.

The doctor will be able to also tell you whether or not erectile dysfunction is your main concern. In many cases, the erectile dysfunction is actually just a symptom of a much larger problem. The underlying symptom can be used by doctors to see whether or not you have diabetes problems or cardiovascular disease that you may have never otherwise known about.

Men Over 50 and Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of reasons why men over 50 might be scared or embarrassed when they realize they have erectile dysfunction. These are all natural feelings, but the age does not matter. Visiting a doctor will be able to tell you whether or not you need to worry about more serious problems with your health. Otherwise, you can get immediate help for your erectile dysfunction from him that you would never be able to figure out on your own. Never settle for a non-existent sex life just because you think that you are not going to be able to do it past a certain age. Make sure that you take the initiative to take back your life and enjoy your partner.

Can I overdose on Viagra?

Overdosing on Viagra may sound like a joke or something from a comedy show, but the reality of it is not so funny. As with many drugs, it is possible to overdose on Viagra if you do not use it wisely. If you are using drugs for problems with erectile dysfunction then do follow the instructions given with the pack and those explained to you by your doctor.

But my dosage is very low – will it really matter if I take more than one?

This is not recommended. Whatever strength of pill your doctor has prescribed, he will have done so for a reason. Yes, the drug you are taking, such as Viagra, does come in a varying degree of strengths but if you need a higher dosage then your doctor should be the judge of this and not you. If you take more pills than you should, the side effects and repercussions could be unpleasant and even potentially dangerous.

What might an overdose of Viagra do to me?

All you need to do is go onto your favourite search engine like Google or similar, and type in ‘Viagra overdose’ to get some shocking examples what too much Viagra can do! Whether these stories are all true is another thing, but horror stories of penis amputation and painful erections lasting for days are only too common.

Of course, many of these cases have occurred when people have purchased Viagra (Sildenafil) online without a prescription. Very often drugs purchased in this way do not come with dosage instructions and what they actually contain is anybody’s guess. In less extreme cases, you may still experience a feeling of sickness, pains in your chest and an irregular heartbeat. Put all of this together and you have all of the ingredients for a very scary and dangerous situation.

What should I do if I mistakenly take too much Viagra?

An accidental overdose may result in unpleasant symptoms and a feeling of being unwell. If this happens, or if you have an erection which is just not going away, consult a medical expert as soon as you can. A long-term erection (priapism) left untreated for over 24 hrs. can potentially result in permanent damage to the penis or even failure to achieve a normal erection afterwards.

So as you can see, overdosing on Viagra is no joke. All drugs need to be treated with respect and Viagra is one such example. Because it deals with such a sensitive and delicate part of the body, any mistreatment by over indulging on Viagra or indeed any similar drug is definitely a no-go area.

If you are thinking about taking Viagra but have not seen your doctor, do make an appointment. It makes no difference whether you intentionally overdose on Viagra or do so unintentionally – the results are the same. The internet is full of websites offering Viagra with fast shipment and at very cheap prices but don’t be fooled; the chances of this being the identical safe and trusted drug as the one given by your family doctor are slim.

Whether you visit your G.P. at your local surgery, consult a specialist at a Sexual Health Clinic or even attend hospital as an emergency patient if you have overdosed, get advice and get it fast. You cannot afford to take chances with your health no matter how much you think large doses of Viagra are the thing for you.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, it a condition in which a man cannot get or sustain an erection. Millions of men all over the world have suffered from ED at one point in their lives. As well, men of all ages can experience ED; however, ED usually occurs in older men. ED can be very embarrassing for men; it can drastically affect their sex life and their partner’s sex life as well. In addition, it may make them feel self-conscious or insecure, which can cause problems in their relationships. Nonetheless, ED is a condition that can be treated at any age. In some cases, ED can be treated with simple lifestyle changes, such as drinking less alcohol, losing weight, or giving up smoking. However, for some people, that may not be enough. Therefore, surgery is another option that is worth considering.11212733

A penile prosthesis is a treatment option for men who experience a serve form of ED. How it works is that a surgeon surgically implants the prosthesis into the penile area. As a result, you can control when and where you have erections. You can also consider vascular reconstructive surgery. Vascular reconstructive surgery can improve the penis’s blood supply, which can improve the ability to get and sustain an erection. However, only a small amount of men may actually be eligible to receive the surgery. Younger men who suffer from ED due to trauma to the penis usually qualify for vascular reconstructive surgery. Of course, there are always oral medication treatment options, such as sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil.

When all is said and done, ED is a condition that can be treated in a variety of ways. No man has to live the rest of his life with ED. Some men are hesitant or too embarrassed to discuss sexual matters with their doctors. However, there is nothing to be embarrassed about; after all, it is a very common problem that many men around the world experience. Besides, you cannot solve the problem if you cannot address the problem. As a matter of fact, the problem may even get worse. Needless to say, you do not want that. Your doctor is the best person to help and guide you; he or she can advise on which treatment option works best for your situation. ED does not have to create anymore anguish in your life; do not be ashamed or embarrassed to explore your treatment options.

5 Things You Must Know Before Checking Out Viagra

These days Viagra is a household name. Hardly anyone is unaware of what it is. In fact, many people joke about it regularly. There are a few things that you should be aware of before looking seriously into using this pill. We’ve outlined 5 of the most crucial of these below. You may have a vague notion of some of them, and you may be completely unaware of others. Either way we’re sure they’ll give you some food for thought.

You may not have been aware that Viagra is in fact not a generic term. It is actually a brand name and registered trademark of the Pfizer Corporation. The technical name for it is Sildenafil Citrate. As you probably know, the main purpose of this is to treat male erectile dysfunction issues. Basically this means that it to help men get or maintain a satisfactory erection to full intercourse completion.

This  is familiar to many as the little “Blue Pill” or “Diamond Pill”. It is this peculiar and unusual design that differentiates it from many of the other competing products out there on the market. It has a diamond shape with the manufacturers name “Pfizer” on the front side. As you can imagine, the tremendous success of this pill has triggered a raft of copycat products onto the market. We’ll cover some of these later on. However another recent development in the erectile dysfunction market has been the introduction of various “herbal” alternatives. We’ll be covering some of these next.


Herbal Viagra – a natural alternative?

Recently a number of competing products have appeared on the market. All of these products share the same goal – to try and capture a share of the market from the market leader Viagra. What is their main selling point? Well it’s exactly what is indicated in the name. They purport to give the same results but with a much more “natural” and healthy solution.

Some of the products are based on ingredients, which have been around for quite some time. Things like Ginseng, Gingko, and Horny Goat Weed are few that are most widely promoted.

However as with anything else, you need to exercise caution as not all of these products have been tested or certified. Some purely contain the ingredient in a very high dose. This can often have serious consequences on those who may be on other medications and have not cleared it with their doctor. Restricted blood flow, possible toxicity in large doses and other issues have been reported.


The Most Common places to obtain

When this pill was originally released it was officially only available via a prescription from a licensed doctor. It is now much more widely available. Some of these options are quite apparent to many of us. For example, how many times have you opened an email to find another spammer trying to sell you a discount pack?

Well, as you can see this still happening every day. You need to be vigilant and remember that many of these vendors are unregulated, and the product being sold may contain numerous contaminants. Always exercise extreme caution no matter how tempting the offer is.


Can Women Use It?

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually quite a few women who are using this on a regular basis. This can be corroborated by the huge numbers of women who write into medical advice columns in the online and offline media. Many report back that they are quite happy with the results too!

So what exactly does it do since women don’t actually suffer or have erectile issues? Well, it is regularly used for treating female arousal disorders such as FSAD and FSD.

This results in making various parts of the female anatomy, specifically the genitalia, hyper sensitive. This gives rise to faster orgasms and the ability to orgasm multiple times during intercourse. There are also a number of competing products such as Cialis. Although these are not specifically for women, they also have a similar effect.

Bear in mind the possible side-effects

Unfortunately, there are a number of side-effects which can occur when using this pill. It’s vital that you are aware of these, and also weigh up the consequences before deciding to go ahead and use it.

A little known, but inconvenient side-effect is on cone cells in the retina of the human eye. This basically affects color vision and the ability to differentiate between colors such blue or green hues. Sometimes it may even result in people seeing everything with a slight blurriness. As you expect this would preclude its use by people in particular occupations that rely on a high visual requirements. Vehicle drivers and operators are most obviously at risk. Pilots for example are legally required to avoid use for a certain number of hours before flying.

This can also interact with other drugs in the system. For example someone who may be taking certain drugs to combat coronary heart disease. In these situations the resulting mix may render the heart medication ineffective and could place that person in serious danger of having a heart attack.

Aside from the above there is also the propensity for smaller niggles like headaches and head pains, nasal congestion, flushing and adverse issues.

Erectile Dysfunction – More Common Than You Think

Don’t be ashamed if you have erectile dysfunction, since it affects more people than you think! The condition occurs in nearly eighteen million men in the United States alone, and there are countlessother cases across the world. Erectile dysfunction, also called E.D. or impotence, occurs when there is difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse. But it is possible the average man can have trouble obtaining an erection every once in a while. When erectile dysfunction begins to interfere with a man’s self-confidence and relationship, it is definitely time to see a doctor—especially because erectile dysfunction, in some cases, is linked heart problems and diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction – Reduced Sexual Arousal            Another common symptom of erectile dysfunction is the reduction in ones sex drive and arousal. Thedecrease in sex drive can be related to something psychological or result from physiological side effects of the condition. If you think you might be suffering with erectile dysfunction, you may want tolook into your family history.28378575

Erectile Dysfunction and your Overall Health

Erectile dysfunction can be brought on by atypical levels of stress and anxiety, which are focused in the brain. Also centered in the brain is the conduction of sexual arousal, so these two go hand in hand. Many of the other possible reasons for impotence is high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, frequent alcohol consumption and tobacco usage, weight gain, and any resulting side effects from prescription medications. Doctors can help determine the exact driving cause behind erectile dysfunction, as it can be difficult to do alone.


Erectile Dysfunction – What are the Treatment Options Available?            There are many forms of treatment. Before the doctor prescribes any medication, and it is recommended to only take over the counter medicine with a doctor’s approval, there may be a number of tests to take first, which include blood and psychological tests, a physical, a urinalysis, and possibly an overnight erection test. The reasoning behind the final examination is that men tend to get erections during the sleeping stages.

Erectile Dysfunction – Final Words            Erectile dysfunction is much more common thanyou might think, so there is no shame and guilt in seeing a doctor for medical help. There are plenty of treatments and medicines out there to help, and they canalleviate some of the anxiety and trouble that comes with impotence.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

The numbers regarding erectile dysfunction vary, but the number tends to hover at around the 22 percent mark. This can include men as young as 19 and as old as 75.

There are other fascinating facts to take away from that basic figure:

  • 50 percent of men between the ages 40 and 70 suffer from ED at some point in their lives. The time in which they suffer from this can vary from person to person, as can the physical and psychological risk factors that can determine the cause and severity of an individual’s ED.
  • 10 percent of those in the age group mentioned above will suffer from complete ED.
  • A variety of demographic studies have created a projection that suggests the number of men suffering from ED is going to increase over the coming years. 

The final note above means that understanding the condition of erectile dysfunction, not to mention understanding how best to treat it, will become more important to the medical care profession.

Understanding The Basics Of ED

Virtually every man will experience some difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection at some point in their life. There are a number of reasons for why this might be. Exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and excessive drinking can all work to create problems once in a while. It is not considered erectile dysfunction if a man of any age occasionally finds their worries and concerns getting in the way of their ability to get an erection.


Erectile dysfunction actually refers to is a consistent struggle to get and maintain an erection that will be functional for the purposes of sexual intercourse. ED is a chronic condition.

It’s important to realize that erectile dysfunction is the preferred term over impotence. The reason for this is simple. Impotence has a negative connotation to it. The term can be profoundly damaging to an individual’s self-esteem and psychological well-being. A man who deals with a word like this may find the desire to even seek treatment non-existent. Medical professions prefer ED because they feel that it eliminates much of the negative view that people have of the problem. It emphasizes that ED is a medical condition that can impact millions for a variety of reasons, and is not just something means weakness or impotency.

It is in understanding this very basic fact of ED that one can begin to seek diagnosis and treatment.

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